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Chandelier Cleaning New Jersey | Tis The Season | Chandelier Cleaner NYC

The holidays are here and you want your home looking it's best. Hosting a family gathering around the dining room table your chandelier should shine bright and full of life! Lets the pro's at Expert Lighting professionally clean your chandelier. Piece by piece, all done by hand and with decades of training, Expert Lighting's chandelier cleaning process is like no other. The team at Expert Lighting chandelier cleaning in New Jersey and NYC work with our specially designed soap to get rid of the all the dirt, dust and grime that accumulates on your chandelier. Having you chandelier cleaning Read more
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Chandelier Cleaning in Manhattan NY: No Easy Task

Chandeliers are gorgeous, bringing elegance to your home in a dramatic way. The only problem is, the multitude of glittering crystals on even a small chandelier are dust and dirt magnets. This, along with the height that most chandeliers are suspended at, makes them extremely difficult to clean. These two issues often cause homeowners to put off chandelier cleaning but Manhattan NY residents can take some advice from the Wall Street Journal to discover a few secrets to cleaning the pricey, glittering light fixtures so they can almost always look as stunning as the day they were installed. The WSJ reveals Read more
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Chandelier Installation Manhattan NY: Trust The Best For Your Business

Do you manage a hotel or catering hall?   Maybe you’ve been considering having some work done on your chandeliers or have purchased some new ones that need chandelier installation in Manhattan NY.  If so, you’ve found the company you need!    At Expert Lighting, we’ve been installing and caring for chandeliers in the Manhattan and greater NYC areas for over 30 years.  We know what we are doing and how to take care of our customers.  Whether it involves moving existing fixtures, restoring older ones or installing new ones, we can help!    Call us today at (646) 798-7700 to get Read more
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Shining Hotels and Venues: Chandelier Cleaning in Manhattan NY

There are few decorative aspects that add the same style, class and shine that a chandelier can. When a chandelier is the main focal point of a dining hall, events center or hotel lobby, the entire venue automatically looks classier. However, a timeless chandelier doesn’t quite have the same effect if it’s dusty or dirty. Thankfully, there are companies that specialize in chandelier cleaning in Manhattan NY. How It Works Cleaning a chandelier is no easy task. It requires very specific expertise to remove, dismantle, clean, and reassemble a chandelier. This is something that should not be taken lightly or attempted Read more
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Chandelier Installation NYC: Get The Best For Your Lighting Installation

Have you recently purchased a chandelier?  Maybe you are moving your home or business and need to have your chandelier moved and reinstalled.  Whatever the need, Expert Lighting is the best at chandelier installation in NYC.  Don’t settle for someone who doesn’t know what they are doing.  Trust the years of experience that Expert Lighting has.  We will take down your chandelier, pack and crate it for moving and reinstall it in its new home without any issues.  We’ve been doing it for over two decades and will make sure you are happy with the end result.  Trust your valuable Read more
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Chandelier Cleaning for Fire Damaged Beauties

Chandelier Before In life there are unfortunate situations such as a fire in your home or flooding. Chandeliers often get damaged from both of these situations and need to dealt with only by an experienced team of professionals. The National Fire Protection Agency reported that last year, in 2013, there were 1,240,000 fires reported in the United States. These fires caused $11.5 billion in property damage. Often times in a fire, highly specialized cleaning and restoration companies sweep in to care for the personal property damaged. Expert Lighting is known for being this company who handles the chandeliers. The good news: Expert Read more
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Why Chandelier Cleaning Manhattan NY Matters

Getting the right chandelier cleaning Manhattan NY can be a difficult task. Often business owners forget how the cleanliness of the fixtures in their business can change a customer’s opinion about their services. Keeping your chandeliers properly cleaned is an easy way to show your clientele that you’re an organization that will provide them with a higher degree of care than the other businesses they might turn to for similar services. Keeping your chandeliers and other light fixtures properly cleaned shows your customers that you will take care of them, while not cleaning your chandeliers and other fixtures can drive Read more
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Summer is Now Over and it’s Back to Business

Summer is now over, and it’s back to business. The kids are off to school ,and you’re trying to get the house back in order. Maybe you finally have a chance to do some of those tasks that you didn't get to over the summer, like replacing one of your fixtures. At Expert Lighting, we can help. We not only do the best chandelier installation in NYC, but we also clean, restore, repair and move all types of chandeliers. As autumn approaches, many people are back to entertaining in their homes, and nothing lights up a party like a bright, Read more
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Chandelier Installation in NYC: Have Your Chandelier Installed With Confidence

Nothing makes a breathtaking statement in a public space quite like a dazzling chandelier.  If you are the proprietor of a hotel or catering hall in the New York area, then you should consider a chandelier installation in NYC to add visual beauty and style to your establishment.  Your clientele will know that their comfort and happiness is your priority.  Chandeliers can add a touch of soft lighting to both large and small rooms or they can add sparkle and shimmer that can turn a hall or foyer into a wonderland of light.  People respond to light in a primal Read more
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Chandelier Cleaner in New Jersey: Have Your Beautiful Light Fixture Restored!

  So you have a beautiful crystal lighting fixture in your hotel or banquet hall, but it has become the victim of time and dust? Call a chandelier cleaner in New Jersey to make your chandelier the centerpiece it deserves to be! Dirt and rust can take their toll on the fine lighting fixture you have in your space, but when you get it cleaned, you want someone who pays attention to detail and will not overlook any potential problems with the chandelier. When you want your beautiful light to become the centerpiece it deserves to be, call Expert Read more