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In life there are unfortunate situations such as a fire in your home or flooding. Chandeliers often get damaged from both of these situations and need to dealt with only by an experienced team of professionals. The National Fire Protection Agency reported that last year, in 2013, there were 1,240,000 fires reported in the United States. These fires caused $11.5 billion in property damage. Often times in a fire, highly specialized cleaning and restoration companies sweep in to care for the personal property damaged. Expert Lighting is known for being this company who handles the chandeliers.

The good news: Expert Lighting can attest that if called immediately and work starts quickly 95% of the chandeliers affected by fire, smoke or water damage can be restored and fixed back to its previous condition. At Expert Lighting we have been working for decades with insurance companies, adjusters and private customers who have fire, smoke or water damaged chandeliers. Expert Lighting’s services, range from properly clean chandeliers, rewire chandeliers and restoration of chandeliers caught in a fire that lead to smoke and soot covering these beautiful and personal pieces. The damage looks frightening, often the soot is caked on and the chandeliers appear unrecognizable. That is when you turn to Expert Lighting to handle your chandelier cleaning.

At Expert Lighting, we cover all of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut on a daily basis and work nationwide too. Our crews can get to the site fast so the cleaning can be done immediately. The chandeliers can be uninstalled and cleaned and if needed stored on site while work and renovations of the house is being completed – and when that is done and you need the chandeliers back up; we will come out to do the assembly and chandelier installation.

So whether you are an insurance adjuster seeking a quote for your client or you are homeowner looking to get your chandelier back to its beauty, call the leading chandelier cleaning service provider, Expert Lighting at 646-205-007.

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