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Baccarat Chandelier installation

Baccarat’s origins can be traced to a grant given by King Louis XV to the Bishop of Montmorency-Laval of Metz to open a glassworks facility in the town of Baccarat in 1764. During the early 1830s, the company expanded its market beyond the borders of France. The esteemed reputation of Baccarat items continued to develop as it pushed a varied collection of products to all corners of the globe. In 1841, the company designed its most famous pattern,Harcourt.  This pattern remains in production today, and has become immensely popular and collectible. Throughout its history, Baccarat crystal came to grace the tables of King Louis XVIII, King Charles X, Louis-Philippe, Emperor Napoleon III, and many of the French presidents.


Baccarat chandeliers are precious and the truest luxury.  At Expert Lighting, our teams are scrupulously trained to install, clean and restore such dazzling chandeliers.  We take care of each piece with the highest amount of precision and delicate nature to ensure your Baccarat is handled properly by our chandelier cleaner NYC.

chandelier cleaner NYCchandelier cleaner NYC