Murano chandelier service

Murano chandeliers are by far some of the most beautiful and priceless chandeliers you can own. Hailed from Murano, a Venetian Island in Italy their history of venetian glass and glass makers is renowned.  Traditionally, a Murano chandelier would feature intricate arabesques of leaves and flowers and would often also incorporate coloured glass.  Murano glassmakers are dedicated to the production to ensure that every chandelier be made perfectly. The precision required to twist and shape the chandelier requires a massive amount of skill and time.

Chandelier Installer New Jersey

Murano chandelier laid out for assembly

At Expert Lighting, our professional technicians have been working with Murano glass pieces for decades as a chandelier installer New Jersey and Manhattan NY.  As an owner of a Murano chandelier will know (or come to find out) that due to the delicate nature of the glass, each piece comes wrapped individually. Only a person who has experience with these chandeliers knows how to put them together. They are quite unique and fragile. Handling of a Murano chandelier should only be trusted to someone who truly has the capability and knowledge of these fixtures. Given our vast experience and years of working with Murano chandeliers, we can assure you your chandelier will be taken care of without any potential breakage or mishaps.  At Expert Lighting we specialize in installation, cleaning, moving (professionally packing) and repairing Murano chandeliers. Click on the gallery below to look at some of our work!