Shining Hotels and Venues: Chandelier Cleaning in Manhattan NY

Chandelier cleaning Manhattan NYThere are few decorative aspects that add the same style, class and shine that a chandelier can. When a chandelier is the main focal point of a dining hall, events center or hotel lobby, the entire venue automatically looks classier. However, a timeless chandelier doesn’t quite have the same effect if it’s dusty or dirty. Thankfully, there are companies that specialize in chandelier cleaning in Manhattan NY.

How It Works

Cleaning a chandelier is no easy task. It requires very specific expertise to remove, dismantle, clean, and reassemble a chandelier. This is something that should not be taken lightly or attempted by anyone who is not a professional cleaner with training in how to clean chandeliers.

Why Hire Professionals?

Consider these factors when deciding whether or not to hire a professional chandelier cleaner for your commercial space.


Chandeliers in commercial buildings like restaurants, hotels and catering halls, are typically hanging high above the ground. It can be difficult to clean a chandelier in a room with vaulted ceilings! That is where professional chandelier cleaning inManhattan NY comes in.

Size and Weight

The larger and heavier a chandelier, the more technical the cleaning process becomes. However, if you have seen the brilliance of a newly cleaned chandelier, you know the value of having it professionally cleaned. Expert technicians take apart chandeliers piece by piece, only after measuring its exact size and weight.


Chandeliers can be extremely expensive, so keeping them safe and in working condition is a necessity. Their worth also means that cleaning and taking them apart comes with a big liability risk. Restaurant, meeting hall or hotel owners should not just assign the task of cleaning a chandelier to anyone; it is too big of a risk for workers and employers. Don’t risk the liability by giving some random person this assignment; instead, hire a trained expert.

Cleaning Products

Expert chandelier cleaning inManhattan NYrequires the best cleaning products. The trained and experienced cleaners at Expert Lighting don’t simply use everyday house cleaners. Instead, they use cleaning products that are free from harsh chemicals. This means the materials the chandelier is made of are preserved.

Why It’s Worth the Cost

Having a chandelier professionally cleaned isn’t exactly cheap, but it also isn’t too expensive, especially when you consider the worth and cost of chandeliers. It is worth the cost of professional cleaning to have a chandelier (or many chandeliers) that shine! After professional cleaning with the products Expert Lighting uses, chandeliers should be sparkling and dust-free for several months. Of course, the time you can go between cleanings depends entirely on chandelier location, dust access and budget.

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