Chandelier Installation in NYC: Have Your Chandelier Installed With Confidence

chandelier installation NYCNothing makes a breathtaking statement in a public space quite like a dazzling chandelier.  If you are the proprietor of a hotel or catering hall in the New York area, then you should consider a chandelier installation in NYC to add visual beauty and style to your establishment.  Your clientele will know that their comfort and happiness is your priority.  Chandeliers can add a touch of soft lighting to both large and small rooms or they can add sparkle and shimmer that can turn a hall or foyer into a wonderland of light.  People respond to light in a primal way and well thought-out lighting can lift the spirits and make people feel better – both mentally and physically.

A chandelier installation in NYC makes a room special in a way that no other kind of lighting can.   You may have a catering hall with the rustic look of wrought iron chandeliers illuminated with candles.  Or your hotel could be built for an ornate, crystal chandelier with multiple tiers.  Your guests may be celebrating a wedding or a bar mitzvah or they may even be gathering for a professional conference.  Your chandelier lighting will make them remember the venue and recommend it to others.

At Expert Lighting in Manhattan, our motto is, “It’s All About Chandeliers.”  We are chandelier experts and we would love to do your chandelier installation in NYC.  Regardless of the size of your hotel or catering hall or the size or type of your chandelier, we have the expertise to professionally install your lighting.  We know how delicate chandeliers can be and that they require years of experience not only to assemble correctly but to install the right way.  We have handled Swarovski, Schonbek, Baccarat, Waterford and Murano glass chandeliers and have successfully installed even the heaviest of these easily.

Our process includes unpacking your chandelier and checking to make sure all the pieces are present and that everything is in perfect condition.  After that, we construct custom scaffolding for easy access to the ceiling.  We then assemble and wire the chandelier to complete the installation.   And once your chandelier is in place, we will be happy to continue our service to you in the form of regular cleaning and maintenance of your fixture.  Our team is fully licensed and insured and has over 80 years of experience in cleaning and installing chandeliers.  In New York, call us at Expert Lighting at 646-798-7700 and visit our website at to find out more about the services we offer.

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