Chandelier Cleaning in Manhattan NY: No Easy Task

Chandelier cleaning Manhattan NYChandeliers are gorgeous, bringing elegance to your home in a dramatic way. The only problem is, the multitude of glittering crystals on even a small chandelier are dust and dirt magnets. This, along with the height that most chandeliers are suspended at, makes them extremely difficult to clean. These two issues often cause homeowners to put off chandelier cleaning but Manhattan NY residents can take some advice from the Wall Street Journal to discover a few secrets to cleaning the pricey, glittering light fixtures so they can almost always look as stunning as the day they were installed.

The WSJ reveals that it can be harmful to use anything that is corrosive, so surgical soap is the go-to cleaner for one professional chandelier tech. In the quest to find a technique delicate enough to clean chandeliers, one industrious inventor created an ultrasound machine that works similar to ultrasonic jewelry cleaners. This option is more high-tech than hand-polishing each and every crystal on the light fixture. However,  some may question whether it cleans as well as taking on the job by hand, or even if going high-tech is necessary for chandelier cleaning in Manhattan NY.

There is a solution that doesn’t rely on technology, but is more expedient than attending to each individual crystal by hand. According to the Huffington Post, diluting vodka with water in a 1:5 ratio and spritzing it on your chandelier is effective, but not following up with a wiping might leave vodka-water spots and a few rogue specs of dust on the crystals. Adding a follow-up step of aiming a hair dryer set to “low” at the chandelier after misting it is supposed to take eliminate spots and blow away the stray dust motes. You’ll note, however, that none of these resolutions takes the height factor and, therefore, the danger out of cleaning a chandelier. Additionally, who has a hair dryer with a cord long enough to reach up to a chandelier?

For chandelier cleaning in Manhattan NY, it’s best to seek out an expert. The professionals at Expert Lighting are specialists when it comes to chandeliers. They know all about the best ways to install and repair chandeliers and are, of course, the ones to see for cleaning the ornate light fixtures. They’ve developed their own unique cleaning service for chandeliers, one that is more thorough and meticulous than any other. Whether you want to put your chandeliers on a cleaning schedule for regular cleanings or would just like a one-time cleaning to try them out, give Expert Lighting a call today to have your chandeliers gleaming and glittering again.

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