Style Guide: Chandelier Installation Manhattan NY

Chandelier Installation Manhattan NY | Call 646-205-0007Regardless of which chandelier style you choose, expert chandelier installation Manhattan NY is necessary to ensure your valuable lighting fixture is placed safely in the best location in your home or business. Chandeliers come in several styles, from elaborate, traditional crystal and candle chandeliers to simple drum chandeliers.   Here are some popular chandelier styles found in homes and hotel lobbies throughout New York.


Crystal Chandeliers


Elegant crystal chandeliers are made from crystal prisms and cut glass, and have graced homes and businesses since the 18th century. The glass and prisms refract and reflect light, adding a glamorous quality to any space. Crystals dangle from chandelier arms and are sometimes suspended between arms and the mounting area to reflect light better and add a shimmering effect.  A staple of opulent hotels and residences, these classic lighting fixtures require professional chandelier installation Manhattan NY for optimum beauty and safety.  Many types of crystals can be used in a crystal chandelier, including machine-cut Italian crystal, hand-cut or machine-cut Czech crystals or Turkish crystals. High-quality Swarovski crystals are popular with many chandelier owners and makers.


Candle Chandeliers

Used since the Middle Ages candle chandeliers first used real candles for light. Modern versions use candle-shaped electric lights in metal, glass or crystal.  They lend a warm, antique ambience to a room even when they’re unlit.


Murano Chandeliers

Murano is a town in Italy that gained fame for creating glass chandeliers. Today, the term Murano chandeliers refers to a chandelier made with curved tubes of blown glass. Tube-shaped Murano glass comes in many different colors, often with floral motifs. The brightly colored glass adds dazzling lighting effects to any room.


Drum Chandeliers

A small chandelier that has shades to provide warm, focused lights, a drum chandelier is used in bedrooms and other compact spaces. They make for easy chandelier installation Manhattan NY and are less extravagant than other chandelier types.

Beaded or Shell Chandeliers

Designed like a crystal chandelier, but with beads or shells instead of crystals, this type of chandelier is good for households looking for something lighter and less formal. Capiz shells with a mother of pearl finish are often used in place of crystals.

Professional installation and cleaning will increase your chandelier’s lifespan and prevent costly repairs.  Expert Lighting Inc. provides chandelier installation Manhattan NY, repair, moving and cleaning in Manhattan, Long Island and upstate New York. We have decades of experience installing Baccarat, Waterford, Murano and antique chandeliers, as well as other delicate pieces, with care and dedication. Call us today at 1-866-570-5570 or use our inquiry form to schedule a chandelier installation.

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