Chandelier Cleaner Manhattan NY: Three Advantages to Using a Professional

chandelier cleaner manhattan nyHiring a professional chandelier cleaner Manhattan may cost a bit more than a general cleaning service or maid,  but your one-of-a kind lighting is worth it. Chandelier cleaners will dust, polish and restore your chandelier to its original glory, clearing away years of dust and dirt without damaging delicate components. Professional chandelier cleaning Manhattan makes a stately antique shine brightly once again. Many chandelier cleaning pros also offer repair and restoration services, installation and removal. Here are a few advantages to hiring a professional chandelier cleaning service.

1-Attention to Detail

A professional chandelier cleaner Manhattan knows how to take apart a chandelier, clean it, and put it back together. This method ensures thorough cleaning and dusting of every crystal and fixture. It minimizes damage and mishaps that may cause pieces to fall and disappear. Cleaning a chandelier while standing on a ladder may cause the cleaner to rush through the job and miss dust and dirt.

2- Experience with Different Sizes and Materials

Chandeliers in hotel lobbies or luxury homes come in many different sizes and shapes, and some of them may date back to the 1800s. There’s no do-it-yourself guide for cleaning and restoring antique chandeliers. One mistake and an irreplaceable Waterford crystal chandelier can be ruined. Calling a qualified chandelier cleaner Manhattan NY expert guarantees better results.

3- Safety

Cleaning a large chandelier requires patience and expertise. A knowledgeable chandelier cleaner Manhattan NY knows the safest way to reach a large chandelier or one that may hang above a spiral staircase or in another hard to maneuver place. Some chandeliers are positioned above heavy marble tables that can’t be moved. A professional chandelier cleaner in Manhattan is always prepared for these obstacles, and will use scaffolding or a small hydraulic lift to safely reach the chandelier. Maids and general cleaning staff aren’t equipped to handle a chandelier in complicated locations, and they may injure themselves or cause damage to the chandelier trying to reach it.

Expert Lighting offers high-quality chandelier cleaning service. We are the #1 chandelier cleaning service in Manhattan, we also serve the Hamptons, Long Island, Westchester and Rockland Counties. Our team of experts clean and repair residential and commercial chandeliers with the utmost care and precision. We provide chandler installation, removal, packing, rewiring and maintenance. Call us today at 866-570-5570 to speak with one of our chandelier specialists.

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