Chandelier Cleaning In NYC: Don’t Neglect Your Beautiful Chandeliers!

Chandelier cleaning NYCIf you own or manage a business in the New York area that has one or more chandeliers as a light source, you may be underestimating the importance of getting professional chandelier cleaning in NYC for regular or even a one-time cleaning of your fixtures.  Since chandeliers, especially large ones, are usually mounted high up on vaulted ceilings for maximum effect, you may not even realize how dirty they are.  Or you may have your maintenance or housekeeping staff attempt to clean them.  Either way – through neglect or shoddy cleaning – you’re losing out on all of the brilliant light that your chandelier or chandeliers could be giving you.  And you’re also risking damage to your fixtures because most chandeliers are intricate assemblages of metal, electric wiring and crystals that require a delicate touch to clean and maintain.

Professional chandelier cleaning in NYC isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity and one that you can’t ignore.  The ambience of your business or public space, whether it’s a restaurant, hotel or hall – is one of the criteria your clients will judge you by, so making sure that your lighting shines the way it’s supposed to is important to its success.  While your staff may be able to reach your chandeliers with a ladder, they don’t have the experience, training or skill to clean them.  In fact, any money you think you’re saving by having your in-house staff do the work may have to be spent fixing any damage they may do to the fixtures.  A company that specializes in chandelier cleaning in NYC will do the job right the first time and every time and they’ll not only have the right equipment on hand, they’ll also be able to repair the metalwork or wiring and replace missing crystals.

Chandeliers are made of many parts including prisms, bobeches, scrolls, beads, arms and chains.  The parts are made of, among other things, crystal, glass, bronze, silver, iron and brass.  Each piece and type of material must be hand-cleaned with the correct solution.  In fact, chandeliers often have to be completely dismantled for proper cleaning.  You certainly don’t want untrained staff to do this job.  At Expert Lighting, we have many years of experience in the installation, cleaning and maintenance of every kind of chandelier.  We rigorously train our employees in the proper handling of Murano, Baccarat, Schonbek and Waterford chandeliers.  Call us today at 646-798-7700 to make an appointment for a cleaning consultation.  And visit us at to see a portfolio of our work.

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