Chandelier Cleaning NYC: What Makes A Lead Crystal Chandelier Different?

Chandelier Cleaning NYCIf you own a business that is lit by one or more chandeliers, you know how important it is that they shine brightly.  One way to ensure that they light your hall, hotel or other public venue as brilliantly as possible is the get the best chandelier cleaning in NYC.  Professional cleaning by a company that has the materials, equipment and expertise to handle your job means that your fixtures will be taken apart and cleaned with care to avoid any kind of damage and be restored to their original beauty.  The other way to ensure that your chandeliers shine as brightly as possible is by replacing any chandeliers you have that contain standard glass crystals with chandeliers made with leaded glass crystals.

What makes lead crystals so different?  Unlike normal glass crystals, crystals made from leaded glass contain lead oxide.  Lead makes the glass easier to cut, which means craftsmen are able to hand-cut facets into the glass.  In addition, full-lead crystals that contain 24 percent or more of lead oxide are clearer and shinier than normal glass crystals.  A company that routinely handles chandelier cleaning in NYC can give leaded glass crystals the special care they require to uncover their brilliance.  The lead oxide in the glass increases its light refraction and helps to create a prismatic effect when light shines through it, which makes it sparkle more than standard glass.  The addition of more than 24 percent lead oxide to glass makes the glass softer, which allows chandelier craftsmen to hand-cut, rather than machine-cut, each facet of every crystal to maximize light refraction.

In the mid-17th Century, English glass manufacturer and trader George Ravenscroft, experimented with different glass additives that would remove cloudiness.  One of those additive was lead oxide.  He discovered that this made the glass softer and easier to cut, which led to a sharp increase in the number of craftsmen who hand-cut glass for various uses and an expansion of the English glass-cutting industry.  By the end of the 17th Century, leaded glass crystals were being incorporated into glass chandeliers.  Since then, lead crystal chandeliers have been much sought-after.  They are a timeless and dazzling addition to any room in your venue.  Not only will they light any banquet hall or foyer like no other fixture can, they can also be a beautiful work of art that draws people to your business time and time again.

When it’s time to restore your beautiful chandeliers to their original glory, call the specialists in chandelier cleaning in NYC, Expert Lighting at 646-798-7700.  At Expert Lighting, we have the trained professionals who can properly dismantle and hand-clean every crystal on your fixture.  We can also repair or move your chandelier if you need those services.  Visit to see a photo gallery of some of our projects and to learn more about what we do.

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