Chandelier Cleaner NYC: Let Your Chandeliers Shine For The Holidays

Chandelier Cleaner NYCThe holidays are coming and with them come clients who want to rent your venue for their parties and get-togethers.  Don’t welcome them with into your place of business with dirty carpeting, dirty linens or dirty fixtures.  When the centerpiece of your catering hall, banquet room or hotel is a brilliant chandelier, you want to make sure that nothing keeps it from looking its best.  That’s why you need to get the best chandelier cleaner in NYC, Expert Lighting.  At Expert Lighting, we know him important first impressions are.  That’s why you want your potential clients to walk into the room or hall they want to rent and fall in love with the way your chandelier or chandeliers light the room.

Can you imagine an occasion that isn’t made more special by an elegantly-lit setting – one that everyone involved will talk about for years afterward?  Not only will they tell other people how beautiful your venue was, they’ll come back again and again. It’s for that reason that you should let the chandelier cleaner in NYC that has the expertise to take care of your lighting put you on a regular cleaning schedule.  Even though a one-time cleaning will ensure that your fixture is brighter and lights the room the way the maker intended, regular cleaning ensures that it stays that way.

At Expert Lighting, we have many years of experience cleaning all types of chandeliers – small or large, simple or ornate, new or antique. Our technicians receive specialized training in cleaning delicate Baccarat, Murano, Schonbek and Waterford chandeliers.  They know that to be the best chandelier cleaner in NYC, they must hand-clean every crystal individually, which means careful disassembling of each fixture with attention paid to any repairs that it might need.   Our environmentally-safe cleaning solution removes the accrued dirt and film from the crystals while preserving the finish of the metal framework of the fixture.

Do you want your place of business to shine?   Of course you do and so do your clients. That’s why you need the chandelier cleaner in NYC who shares your passion for maintaining the beauty of your chandeliers and keeping your business thriving.  Call Expert Lighting today at 646-798-7700 to schedule a consultation for chandelier cleaning.  And visit us at to learn more about what we do and to see a gallery of the stunning fixtures we’ve helped to revive.

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