Chandelier moving services in New Jersey

It is the summer and what does that mean besides bathing suits and heading to the beach?  It is prime moving season. When it comes to moving your chandelier, you should work with only the best chandelier service provider, Expert Lighting. Don’t let the regular moving guys damage your chandelier, call the professionals at Expert Lighting to do the

Chandeliers are impressive and a central piece in your home and quite often, they are sentimental to their owners which is why people want to take them to their new home. However, moving a chandelier can be a tricky and complicated task and should only be handled by a professional.  It involves many steps to ensure that it done correctly, without breaking crystal, arms and bending parts of the chandelier itself.

At Expert Lighting our crews are trained to expertly pack and package your chandelier. First all the pieces are hanging crystal and removed.  Once removed, each are hand washed, dried and then bubble wrapped. Each section is then labeled and counted.  Next the frame and arms will be uninstalled.  The arms follow suit in the same process as the crystal pieces.  Then, the frame is either crated or boxed.  At Expert Lighting we build custom crates on site when the chandelier is either delicate or moving long distances.  We work with delicate chandeliers such as Murano, Baccarat, Schonbek, Swarovski and Waterford on a daily basis. We can handle any size chandelier and high ceilings. With over two decades of experience we are the ‘go to’ Chandelier service provider.

Let the team at Expert Lighting make your upcoming move headache free. You can feel confidant that your priceless light will be handled with the upmost care. 1866.570.5570

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