Rich in history, Murano chandeliers are a personal treasure

Murano glass chandeliers are some of the exquisite examples of design and craftsmanship. They embody centuries of history and tradition as early as 1700. A Murano chandelier is known of it’s elaborate floral motifs, fine details and rich colors, and are deeply artistic and hold great value.

Murano chandeliers needs to be handled with someone who specializes in them. At Expert Lighting, we are the premiere company servicing Murano chandeliers. Day in an day out, our technicians are assembling , installing, and cleaning these wonderful, exquisite Murano chandeliers. As a owner (or would be owner) knows, the chandeliers are shipped disassembled. Each and every piece is individually wrapped. A regular chandelier installer or electrician will not have a clue where to start to put these together or for that matter, will want to touch it, since the glass pieces are so easily breakable and many non-replaceable. The technicians at Expert Lighting have travelled to Murano Italy to work with the chandelier glass blowers and have been specially trained to worked on Murano chandeliers.

The technicians at Expert Lighting will carefully and diligently remove each piece of Murano cystal and lay them out individually in groups. They will be cleaned, by hand, individually and allowed to dry. At Expert Lighting, we have a special soap designed for us exclusively which will not harm, stain, corrode, or tarnish your chandelier. It is mild in nature and leaves your chandelier chemical and ammonia free. The techs will reassemble your chandelier placing each piece where they belong. And the chandelier will remain clean for months to come. In fact, it will look better than new.

When it comes to an installation of a Murano chandelier, the team will review all the pieces sent, and as it is somewhat of a jigsaw puzzle, will make sure all are in order. Many times, the chandelier will need to be converted from 220v to 110v. This includes rewiring each socket and the main line. Then, the installation process will begin – determining if the ceiling requires reinforcement, where best to hang the chandelier, at what height, and so forth. Again, working carefully and diligently the professional team knows which pieces fit into each other; as a Murano is like a jigsaw puzzle, they will begin the installation process layer by layer. Careful not to drop, damage, and to balance the chandelier perfectly, the Expert Lighting technicians are well versed in handling Murano chandeliers.
In the end, you will have a beautiful chandelier to enjoy for years to come.

A Murano is a piece of art hung from the ceiling in your home. Let the team at Expert Lighting install, clean or repair your Murano chandelier ….your very own personal treasure.

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