Keep Your Business Reputation Sparkling with Chandelier Cleaning in NYC

Chandelier Cleaning NYCAny manager of a high-class hotel, catering hall or restaurant knows the importance of chandelier cleaning in NYC. A chandelier needs to be inspected for damage and cleaned regularly to keep its sparkling glow. Only a professional service with experience in cleaning and restoring chandeliers can do justice to your Murano glass, beaded or metal chandelier – or any other type of chandelier in your commercial establishment.

Chandeliers made with Swarovski, Schonbek, Waterford or Baccarat crystals need tender loving care during the cleaning process, and a generic cleaning crew will do more harm than good. Experienced chandelier cleaners know what cleaning solutions to use, how to disassemble and reassemble even the largest chandeliers for cleaning, and how to safely transport chandeliers to new locations.

A sparkling chandelier in a hotel lobby adds elegance and class to the setting. It’s just as important to your establishment’s reputation as the high-count linens and other amenities in every room of your hotel.  The chandelier may be one of the first things a guest or customer sees, and if it’s dusty or in disrepair, people will notice, regardless how large the chandelier is or where it is placed in a room. A service handling chandelier cleaning in NYC will always use a gentle, environmentally safe solution to restore faded lighting fixtures to their former glory. The cleaning solutions used by a pro won’t contain chemicals, corrode metal or stain valuable crystals or other pieces.

For the best chandelier cleaning in NYC, the work crew assesses the size, condition and height of the lighting fixture, then takes it down section by section. Each piece is then cleaned with an appropriate solution, and the chandelier is reassembled. If broken crystal is found, it’s replaced and then repinned, leaving the chandelier looking as good as new.

If your business is moving to a new location, a professional chandelier technician can remove, disassemble and pack your chandelier. The chandelier tech can deliver it to your new location, or box it for a moving company to transport.

Expert Lighting Inc. chandelier cleaning in NYC provides cleaning, restoration and installation for fine lighting fixtures in the tri-state area. Our satisfied clients include Trump Park Avenue, the Westin Hotel, Marisa’s Ristorante, the Plaza Hotel, the Intercontinental Hotel and the Doubletree Hotel.  Read our testimonials page for details about our fine service.  Call for more information at 646-798-7700.  We also have branches of chandelier cleaning service in Palm Beach, Dallas, Chicago and Houston.

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