Chandelier Cleaning NYC: Restore The Brilliance Of Your Antique Fixture

Chandelier Cleaning NYCFew American cities are home to as many historic publicly- and privately-owned buildings as New York City.  Many of these are lit by majestic chandeliers that reflect an architect’s or designer’s vision for a building that will be breathtaking and showy yet warm and welcoming.  Professional chandelier cleaning in NYC is a way to maintain the brilliance of beautiful light fixtures in halls, banquet rooms, libraries, lobbies and foyers.  In fact, cleaning by expert technicians is necessary as many of these fixtures are a delicate link to New York City’s industrial-age boom in construction and wealth.

With the rise of brick and stone construction in the late 19th Century, architects in New York City were able to design larger, grander structures that became the physical embodiment of the city’s growing importance as a hub of world commerce and culture.  With the larger structures came more ornate decorative elements that reflected not only the city’s wealth but also the city’s place as a leader in design.  Crystal chandeliers became de rigueur in the home’s of New York’s richest citizens and as electric light overtook gas light, chandeliers were used to light public buildings like opera houses, hotels and even some city government buildings.

The taste for multi-faceted crystal chandeliers in the city hasn’t diminished in the last hundred years.  In fact, the designs have just become bigger, bolder and more complex.  And as these fixtures have gotten more elaborate, keeping them clean has become harder to do.  Professional chandelier cleaning in NYC has replaced chandelier cleaning by janitorial staff in most buildings not only because of the time-consuming nature of cleaning the many parts of a chandelier, but also because so many chandeliers found in New York City are older and require cleaning by technicians trained in handling antique light fixtures.

In addition, many chandeliers are routinely hung from very high ceilings, making chandelier cleaning in NYC a dangerous prospect.  A professional chandelier cleaning company has the proper equipment to clean, repair and even install chandeliers without damaging them or endangering the public or their workers.  At Expert Lighting, our business is cleaning, repairing and installing chandeliers.  Our staff is professional and highly-trained and have worked on Baccarat, Waterford, Schonbek, Murano and other chandeliers in New York City.  If the chandelier lighting your hotel, catering hall or other venue is beginning to dull, call us at (646) 798-7700 to schedule a consultation.  Also, visit us online at to see a gallery of our projects.

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