Why Every Hotel Needs a Chandelier Cleaner in NYC

Chandelier cleaner NYCOne characteristic of all four and five star hotels is beautiful lighting. When a hotel lobby or ballroom has grand chandeliers, it can add aesthetics and class. Vaulted ceilings look more grand with a beautiful chandelier, and it can add value to visitors’ experiences.

However, a dingy chandelier is almost as bad as no chandelier at all. Why go through the trouble of hanging an expensive chandelier if it doesn’t always shine? Every hotel needs a chandelier cleaner in NYC for this reason.

The Risks Involved

Chandelier cleaning is an art, and requires the expertise of someone who knows what they are doing. Most grand chandeliers are a very expensive investment, so keeping them clean should also be a continuing investment. The cost of hiring a professional chandelier cleaner is much less than the cost of replacing a chandelier if it gets broken by someone who isn’t a professional.

The biggest risk involved with cleaning chandeliers is obviously the chance of breaking it. Someone not trained to clean chandeliers may not understand how complex these light fixtures can be. Each individual crystal or glass piece must be cleaned separately. In many cases, this requires cleaners to take the entire chandelier down, piece by piece. In other cases, a series of tall ladders or platforms are needed. The work of a chandelier cleaner in NYC is a difficult task, and one that needs to be performed by a professional.

Cleaning Products

Very specific cleaning products need to be used for glass, crystal and other materials on chandeliers. At Expert Lighting, we use only the best products that do not stain, rust, or streak. It is important to make chandeliers shine without leaving too much oil or cleaner residue, as dust tends to stick to oily surfaces.

How Often Do Chandeliers Need to be Cleaned?

The frequency of chandelier cleaning largely depends on its location. Chandeliers that are exposed to outside air naturally get dirty quicker. Because of this, chandeliers right inside lobby entrances need to be cleaned more frequently than those in other parts of hotels or venues.

Watchful Eyes:  Venues that are photographed often need to have chandeliers cleaned more frequently. Wedding venues are an example of this. Photographers are present at every single wedding, and the brilliant chandeliers are often in the background – or even the focal point – of many wedding photographs.

The Professionals

At Expert Lighting, we strive to clean commercial chandeliers in hotels, wedding venues, ballrooms, symphony halls, and similar venues. Each expert chandelier cleaner in NYC is professional, experienced, and ready to take on projects of every size.

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