Chandelier Cleaning NYC: Give Your Hamptons Home The Lighting It Deserves

Chandelier Cleaning NYCOwning a home in the Hamptons means having a wonderful summer retreat where your family can relax and unwind and where you can host get-togethers with friends.  Memorial Day signals the beginning of the summer season in the Hamptons and that means it’s time to think about getting your home ready.  And getting it ready means more than just stocking up on food and other supplies, it also means cleaning it from top to bottom. Chandelier cleaning in NYC can be a part of any cleaning you have done if your home is lit by one or more chandeliers.

Since 1879 when the Long Island Railroad published a brochure called, ‘Handbook of Summer Travel,’ to promote the fact that it had been extended all the way to the eastern end of Long Island, artists, writers, bankers and others have flocked to the breezy, carefree beaches of Southampton and East Hampton.  The beginning of the 20th Century saw the popularity of the Hamptons increase sharply and many of the people who made their way to the South Fork of Long Island built stately homes and mansions lit by beautiful, ornate chandeliers.

If your Hamptons home is a historic one with period details that include delicate, crystal chandeliers, professional chandelier cleaning in NYC is a must.  Only professionals have the training to dismantle and carefully clean every delicate piece of crystal, brass and metal and to reassemble the pieces.  Professionals can also repair broken chandeliers and replace missing crystals or other parts.  But this expertise isn’t limited to period chandeliers.  In fact, the chandeliers lighting newer homes in the Hamptons are often just as ornate and delicate as older ones and require the same kind of skill and attention to detail to clean and restore.  Professional chandelier cleaners can return your dusty, dirty light fixtures to their original, dazzling condition.

At Expert Lighting, our specialty is chandelier cleaning in NYC, the Hamptons, Long Island, Westchester and Rockland Counties.  No chandelier is too big or too small or too old or too new.  We have experience with antique chandeliers and new chandeliers from makers like Baccarat, Murano, Schonbek, Waterford and others.  Our technicians understand the artistry that is a beautiful chandelier and they understand how important it is to you.  Call us at Expert Lighting at (646) 798-7700 to make an appointment for a consultation.  To learn more about what we do and to see a gallery of our projects, visit us at

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