Chandelier Cleaning In NYC: Get Your Hamptons Home Ready For Summer

Chandelier Cleaning NYCSummer is coming to the Hamptons and that means it’ll soon be time to open up your Hamptons home to get ready for those lazy, warm days around the pool and putting work and school behind you – at least for a little while.  If you’re having your home commercially cleaned or you’re doing it yourself, you’re going to want it to be spic and span from top to bottom, which is why you need the help of a company that handles chandelier cleaning in NYC, the Hamptons, Long Island, Westchester and Rockland counties.  At Expert Lighting, we know that starting at the top means cleaning the centerpieces of your home lighting – your chandeliers.

No matter how many beautiful light fixtures you have in your home – one or one hundred – our professionals at Expert Lighting can make sure that they’re dazzling, in good repair and ready for a summer season of entertaining and family get-togethers.  If you have a staff or a cleaning company that handles getting your home ready for summer, they likely won’t have the kind of training and expertise it takes to accomplish chandelier cleaning in NYC and the Hamptons.  That’s because chandeliers can be made up of hundreds of delicate parts that require special handling and cleaning and, quite often, special equipment to reach them.

In fact, we think of our technicians as skilled artisans who can take apart even the most intricate and delicate chandeliers, clean them and reassemble them so that they look as beautiful and work as well as the day they were installed.  Part of our cleaning services includes making sure that all parts are in good repair and if crystals or chains are missing, we can replace them for you.  The cleaning solution we use is one we devised in-house to make it not only environmentally safe but safe and effective at cleaning chandelier parts. So many commercial cleaning products can stain, rust or erode the metal parts of chandeliers and only a company that regularly handles chandelier cleaning in NYC and the Hamptons can know that.

Before you ask a commercial company unfamiliar with chandelier cleaning in NYC and the Hamptons, consider how important your chandeliers are to you and to the look of your home.  Call us at Expert Lighting at (646) 798-7700 to schedule an appointment for a chandelier cleaning consultation before the start of summer. You can visit us online at to learn more about our cleaning process and about the other chandelier services we provide.

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