Chandelier Cleaning In NYC: Why Professional Cleaning Matters

Chandelier Cleaning NYCChandelier cleaning in NYC is not for the faint-of-heart.  If you are the owner or manager of a business that has one or more chandeliers lighting your venue, you know that any attempts at cleaning them yourself have failed miserably.  Either you weren’t able to reach a chandelier that was mounted high up in a grand entrance or ballroom or you couldn’t reach every piece of the chandelier to adequately clean it – without some danger of doing damage to the fixture or yourself.  That’s where Expert Lighting comes in.  

✦ We Understand Chandeliers

We are familiar with how chandeliers are designed and constructed.  We have worked with every size and configuration of chandelier and with all of the major chandelier manufacturers.  We know about the care that is taken to place every crystal in exactly the right place for maximum light reflection and how delicate the wires are that hold crystals in place.  We know the internal workings of chandeliers and the parts that are needed to supply power to them.

✦ We Have The Right Equipment

No matter where your chandelier is located or how big it is, we have the right equipment to safely reach it for chandelier cleaning in NYC.  Many of the grandest chandeliers are located well out of reach of even the most ambitious janitorial services – but they’re not out of our reach.  Additionally, we use the best, environmentally-safe cleaning solution to remove decades of dust, dirt and cobwebs without corroding or dulling delicate chandelier parts.

✦ We Have The Expertise

Our staff at Expert Lighting are all highly-trained and experienced craftsmen.  You can be sure that no one will be allowed to handle your fixture who hasn’t received adequate instruction in how to do so properly.  Our team has worked on some of the most prestigious chandelier-cleaning projects from the U.S. Naval Academy to the Field Museum and we have worked with some of the biggest names in chandelier manufacturing like Waterford, Baccarat and Murano.

✦ We Travel

Our chandelier cleaning in NYC isn’t limited to New York City alone.  We work all over the state of New York, and in New Jersey, Connecticut, Dallas, Houston, Chicago and Palm Beach.  Just because you’re outside of the Big Apple doesn’t mean you have to live with a dirty chandelier.

With fall and winter get-togethers and parties coming, don’t you want your venue to look its best and your chandelier to shine its brightest?  Why not call us at Expert Lighting at (646) 798-7700 to arrange a cleaning consultation.  You can also visit us online at to see a gallery of our completed projects.

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