Chandelier Cleaner NYC: 4 Reasons You Need An Expert Chandelier Cleaner

Chandelier Cleaner NYCFinding a great chandelier cleaner in NYC can be difficult.  With so many cleaning and janitorial companies advertising chandelier cleaning as part of their wide range of services, you may wonder how hard it is to do if it can be done by the same company that cleans your business’s bathrooms.  In fact, cleaning a chandelier, especially one that is large, ornate, crystal or antique, is a completely different kind of cleaning than you would expect for any other part of your business.

Many of the chandeliers lighting hotels and other public venues in New York City are spectacular specimens made of brass and hundreds, if not thousands, of light-refracting crystals.  If the chandelier in your business is one of these marvels of lighting and you want only the best when it comes to keeping it clean and letting it shine the way it was intended to, here are some things to consider:

1.  Chandelier makers are artisans who take hundreds of hours to fabricate and assemble the fixtures.  Your chandelier cleaner in NYC should be as much of an artisan as the maker because cleaning a chandelier, which can include complete dismantling and reassembling, requires almost as much care and know-how as fabricating one.

2.  A professional chandelier cleaner in NYC can clean your fixture on a regular schedule to make sure it’s not forgotten.  In addition, they can clean your chandelier before holidays, before special events and after you’ve had on site construction or renovation that’s left dust and debris floating in the air.

3.  A company that specializes in chandelier cleaning has all the right equipment needed to clean fixtures that may be mounted high in a foyer or ballroom or one that requires replacement or repair of parts.  They will also have the right products that will clean without damaging the chandelier.

4.  Expert chandelier cleaners can clean costly, imported, heirloom-quality chandeliers like French Baccarat, Italian Murano, Irish Waterford and German Schonbek.  They likely will have had years of experience working with the peculiarities of each type of chandelier and so will have extensive knowledge of the construction of and materials used in each type of chandelier.

If the chandelier in your business has lost the sparkle that once made it a breathtaking centerpiece and you need a professional chandelier cleaner in NYC, call us at Expert Lighting at (646) 798-7700 to schedule an appointment for a consultation.  To see how we work and what we do, visit us online at

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