Chandelier Cleaner In NYC: Chandelier Cleaning FAQ’s

chandelier cleaner nycIf you are the owner or manager of a public venue in New York City or the surrounding area, you want your business to look as clean and well-maintained as possible.  You probably have kitchen and janitorial staff that take care of every area; and while they are qualified to handle most everything in your business that can collect dirt, your chandeliers should be left to an expert chandelier cleaner in NYC.  At Expert Lighting, we know chandeliers and we can clean any type, size or model so that you won’t have to see your beautiful fixtures either broken by inexpert cleaning or left dirty because your staff lacks the know-how to properly clean them.
What is chandelier cleaning?

Chandelier cleaning is the removal of dirt, dust, tobacco and other types of stains from chandeliers.  Depending on the height of the chandelier, it can be a dangerous undertaking.  And depending on the type, it can be a labor-intensive job that involves the removal of hundreds if not thousands of crystal or glass pieces for individual cleaning.

Why should you have your chandeliers cleaned?

If your business is one that is open to the public, you want it to look as welcoming and attractive as possible.  If you have one or more chandeliers in your business, they were meant to be brilliant and eye-catching wonders of light so why would you want them to be dirty?  A dull, dirty chandelier will do nothing to enhance the look of your business and dirt left on the chandelier can be doing damage that can shorten its life.

Why do chandeliers get so dirty?

Because chandeliers normally hang fairly high up in a building or room, it’s often assumed that they can’t get as dirty as they would if they hung lower, closer to the floor.  But in fact, they get just as dirty as every other fixture or piece of furniture in your business from specks of floating dust and debris that adhere to the many horizontal surfaces on the chandelier.

How should a chandelier be cleaned?

Ideally, a professional chandelier cleaner in NYC should clean your chandelier on site.  Though this may mean that you’ll have to close off the area being cleaned for the duration of the cleaning, the results will be well worth it.  At Expert Lighting, our trained technicians will meticulously remove and clean each individual piece of your chandelier to restore it to its former brilliance – without damage, using an environmentally-safe cleaner.  Your chandelier will be checked for loose or broken wires and missing crystals, which can be replaced or repaired.  It will then be just as meticulously put back together.

The chandeliers in your business deserve the care of a professional chandelier cleaner in NYC.  To keep them shining brightly, call us at Expert Lighting at (646) 798-7700.  You can also visit us online at to learn more about our process and to see a gallery of our projects.

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