Get Your Spring Cleaning in with a Chandelier Cleaner in NYC

Chandelier Cleaner NYCSpring is here, which means it’s time to clean out your home, your office, and excess baggage in your mind and your life. This is the time of year when the flowers and plants bloom and renew themselves, and the whole world wakes up and comes back to life. If you are in charge of a large commercial facility like a hotel, catering hall, church, or business meeting facility, it’s your job to make sure everything looks clean and bright. That’s why you should hire a professional chandelier cleaner in NYC.

Dust Builds Up!

You may be surprised by how much dust builds up on chandeliers. It is nearly impossible to see the dust, dirt and grime from below, but if you could get a close-up view of the top of the chandeliers and light fixtures, you would probably be shocked. Every professional chandelier cleaner in NYC will tell you that light fixtures get dirty pretty quickly, especially if they are located in rooms that open to the outside. For example, hotel lobbies tend to get dusty pretty quickly, and dust blows in each time new customers open the doors. Some of that dust makes its way to the ceiling and light fixtures. If you are doubting the amount of build-up on your facility’s light fixtures, get them cleaned and see the difference.

Brighten the Place!

Most rooms look better with proper lighting. Chandeliers are designed to reflect and refract light from differing angles. When they are shiny and clean, light can bounce all over the room and brighten it from every angle. If the lobby or meeting space is looking dingy, slap on a new paint color, or just have a professional chandelier cleaner in NYC come in and see if he or she can make your room shine.

Make a Focal Point

Chandeliers are intended to be the focal point of a room, or at least its ceiling. This is especially true if the room has multiple floors or balconies. These beautiful fixtures are intended to be admired and gawked at; if they look dingy, it can be disappointing. Return your facility’s beautiful chandeliers to their intended glory and have them professionally cleaned.

Spring Cleaning

Spring has begun, so while you are cleaning out your spaces, be sure to have your light fixtures cleaned too. You may be surprised by how much more light is in your space! Call Expert Lighting at 646-798-7700 today!

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