Expert Lighting Installs 2.2ton chandelier

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Tue Sep 21, 2010 9:30am EDT
Expert Lighting Inc. of Valley Stream, NY took on the colossal task of
installing three of the nation's largest and heaviest chandeliers on a
50ft ceiling, in the newly constructed $20 Million Armstrong Auditorium
located in Edmond, Oklahoma. The main chandelier of 21,000 Swarovski
Crystals weighs over 4500 lbs (2.2 tons), is 12 feet in diameter, 12 feet
tall and dominates the room. The crystals made specifically for this
chandelier were machine cut and polished to give it a higher index of
reflection. The two slightly smaller chandeliers are 10 foot in diameter
and 8 foot tall assembled on either side, weighing about 3,000lbs each.
Expert Lighting Inc. owner, Nadav Paskal and his team also assembled two
unique 802-piece Baccarat Candelabras acquired from the Shah of Iran's
2500-year anniversary of the Persian Empire as part of this significant
and complex installation.

    It took seven 12-hour days to install the largest chandelier, a total of
2 1/2 weeks to complete the entire installation, which included an
on-site pre-evaluation and piece-by-piece inspection to make sure
everything was in tact. 

    "Due to the size and scope of the main chandelier, it took an
immeasurable amount of skill and precision to complete. Some areas of the
chandeliers could not be reached once the frame was together, so we
assembled the crystal first. Hundreds and hundreds of components
including pipes, rings and screws were in separate boxes to be sorted and
installed. It was like putting together an intricate jigsaw puzzle with
no room for error," said owner Nadav Paskal.

    Mr. Shane Granger, Marketing Director for the Armstrong Auditorium, said,
"Mr. Paskal and his team have extensive experience working with such
delicate and custom-made pieces. The value of these pieces are priceless
and we needed a company that was efficient, reliable and overall
top-notch. That is why we chose them to perform this monstrous task."
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