Chandelier Restoration New Jersey: Discover The Beauty Of Antique Chandeliers

chandelier restoration new jerseyAny kind of chandelier can add elegance to any room in your home.  For many New Jersey homeowners, the right chandelier is a sparkling new chandelier fitted for a modern home; but some homeowners prefer a chandelier that may be at the end of its life rather than at the beginning.   For them, only an antique chandelier that may require chandelier restoration New Jersey has the unique character and history they’re looking for.  Antique chandeliers are designed to use candles, gas or light bulbs and come in many distinct styles, some more popular than others.

✦  Colonial Revival chandeliers use wrought iron, brass or other metal plating for the frame and arms and tend to be minimal rather than ornate.  It is a uniquely American style of chandelier whose beginnings were founded in a nostalgia for the revolutionary era and the simple design style of that time.  Many of these chandeliers mimicked the look of their colonial ancestors with a strong central column and multiple arms.  To keep the look of candles, they are sometimes fitted with long, thin, electric light bulb sockets that feature a relief of a drip of wax.

✦  Art Deco design was introduced at the 1925 Paris Exposition and featured cutting-edge, modern designs inspired by the shapes of the machine age.  Notable for repeating circles, geometric shapes and sharp lines, art deco reflected the designs of the modern world of skyscrapers, passenger planes and factories.  Designs of that era are reflected in chandeliers that use bright, shiny metals and geometric patterns and shapes in the metalwork of the base, arms and ceiling mount.  Glass shades and hanging crystals also reflected the straight lines of the art deco style.

✦  Victorian-era chandeliers were largely made of brass and used gas and electricity for power.  In keeping with the homes of that time – homes built and owned by wealthy industrialists – these chandeliers could be quite ornate with finely-detailed etching on glass shades and multiple strands of glass beads or crystals.  The arms were usually very curvy and delicate and the metalwork of the central columns featured all rounded shapes.  Gas-powered versions of these chandeliers can be fitted by chandelier restoration New Jersey with modern wiring and sockets.

✦  Empire chandeliers have their beginnings in the reign of Napoleon and have many features of the Italian decorative arts.  They are meant to be ornate symbols of luxury and wealth.  Although they can feature fine filigree work, the emphasis with this style is on the many strings of crystals and individual crystals that make them stand out from other chandelier styles.  Their appearance is almost like that of falling water or icicles.

No matter what style of antique chandelier you choose for your home, it can be restored to its previous glory through professional chandelier restoration New Jersey.  At Expert Lighting, our level of expertise in the handling and restoration of antique chandeliers is unparalleled.  Visit our website at to see a gallery of our previous projects then call us at 866-570-5570 to schedule an appointment for a consultation.

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