Chandelier Cleaning In NYC: Why You Need Expert Chandelier Cleaning This Fall

Chandelier Cleaning NYCThe weather is still hot in most parts of the country; but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start thinking about all of the fall and winter events you’ll be hosting in your New York venue. Getting ready for parties and other gatherings means cleaning every part of your hotel or banquet hall from top to bottom and that includes chandelier cleaning in NYC.  And while it’s fine to hire a janitorial crew to clean the rest of your establishment, you shouldn’t trust your chandeliers to just anyone.  Chandeliers require the specialized handling of experts.  Here’s why:

➤  Because of the nature of their construction and design, many chandeliers in public places are situated as high up as possible to maximize the effect of the light refracted off of the hundreds of crystals that normally make up a chandelier.  Accessing a chandelier that is beyond the reach of standard ladders and step stools is difficult, if not impossible, for the average cleaning company.  But a company that specializes in chandelier cleaning in NYC will have the ladders, lifts or scaffolding required to reach your chandelier while ensuring the safety of the fixture, your staff and your guests.

➤  Most chandeliers are made up of many small, delicate parts and must be completely dismantled for effective, long-lasting cleaning. Only a master technician who understands how the chandelier was put together in the first place can know how to safely take it apart for cleaning.  And only technicians experienced in the art of chandelier cleaning in NYC can know how to properly handle and clean all of the parts – from the crystal beads and prisms to the brass and metal bowls, dishes, collars and arms.  Additionally, lighting professionals can spot, repair or replace parts of a chandelier that aren’t functioning correctly or that have broken or fallen off.

➤  Almost every chandelier requires specialized cleaning products that will clean but not dull, discolor or corrode crystals or metal.  A great chandelier cleaning company will likely formulate their own cleaning solution that is both effective and environmentally-safe. They will also have experience with chandeliers by all of the major chandelier manufacturers including Waterford, Murano, Baccarat and Schonbek and will know the correct way to clean parts unique to those chandeliers.

You want your banquet room, dining hall, hotel or other New York venue to be impeccable this fall and winter season so why take chances with your chandelier cleaning in NYC.  Call us at Expert Lighting at (646) 798-7700 to schedule a consultation.  You can also visit us online at to learn more about us and our complete line of chandelier services that include not only cleaning but installation and moving.  

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