Chandelier Cleaning In NYC Brings Out The Shine

Chandelier Cleaning NYCThis change of season always seems to bring on an itch to do some spring cleaning. Houses yearn for that top to bottom white glove, new lease on life. Chandelier cleaning in NYC is quite the project to consider. The heights from which they hang and the intricate pieces that bring the glimmer and awe, these alone can make chandelier cleaning in NYC a huge undertaking.

A clean chandelier makes all the difference when it comes to sparkle and shine. When properly maintained, chandeliers add an ambiance no other light fixture can bring to a room. Romance, intimacy, magic and elegance can all be provided through the shimmer of a clean chandelier.

A chandelier can be a visual focal point. Today they can be found in foyers, dining rooms, living rooms and even bedrooms. It is all about personal choice. No matter where they are found you will want them to reflect their true beauty which is only possible when they are kept at their best and allowed to shine.

Taking care of a chandelier is not an easy task. It isn’t just about giving them a good washing, there is a lot more to consider when it comes to preserving a chandeliers true beauty for now and years to come.

Like any job that needs to be done there is a wrong way and a right way. When it comes to chandeliers there is definitely a never ever do list. Before even attempting to cleaning a chandelier do some research.

Chemical based cleaners and harsh soaps should never be used. Both of these products will harm the metal by stripping the lacquer coating. Bit by bit they will eat away, starting with the pins and metal and then moving on to the silver and brass hardware. Eventually the crystal itself will be harmed.

Water based cleaners such as ammonia or citrus orange should never be used because they leave a residue. This residue makes the glass cloudy and blocks the natural way light is emitted thus taking away from the beauty.

There is also a danger connected to the light sockets. Moisture causes the bulbs to burn out quicker but more serious is the possibility of a fire.

Don’t let the beauty of your chandelier fade because you took the shortcut to cleaning. Let Expert Lighting give you a little help with your spring cleaning. We know all about chandelier cleaning in NYC. We understand the beauty of light and know just what a clean chandelier can bring to your home.

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