Chandelier Cleaner In NYC: Why You Need A Chandelier Specialist

Chandelier Cleaner NYCNo matter what your business is – hotel, catering hall, banquet hall or other public venue – if you’ve got chandeliers, you’ve got cleaning problems.  Every chandelier cleaner in NYC knows how difficult it can be to clean chandeliers and the larger and more ornate they are, the harder they are to clean.  That’s why it’s so important for you to get professional help for your chandeliers.  Why should you hire a specialist?

♦ Because your chandelier isn’t just any old light fixture.  Any old light fixture can be feather-dusted and forgotten.  A chandelier is by definition a more complicated beast with many components, some of them crystal, and all of them costly, especially if the chandelier is older.  In fact, a chandelier is the only light fixture you likely have in your establishment for which the descriptor, ‘antique,’ is a good thing.  And whether it’s an antique or brand new, it’s going to be made up of hundreds of parts that need specialized cleaning solutions and methods to keep it in good repair and to keep it sparkling for many months.

♦ Because cleaning a chandelier can be dangerous.  Chandeliers hung from high ceilings in big, open halls or foyers can be difficult to reach.  A professional chandelier cleaner in NYC has the right equipment to reach your chandelier without endangering the life of the cleaning crew and without jeopardizing the chandelier itself.  When you have your janitorial staff or an untrained team of cleaners trying to clean a hard-to-reach fixture, they can be putting themselves and you in a dangerous situation, both physically and legally.

♦ Because specialists have the right cleaning materials.  A few spritzes of an ammonia-based cleaner will do your chandelier more harm than good.  A good chandelier cleaner in NYC will have a specific, environmentally-safe cleaner for specific components like brass armatures, crystals and glass that won’t compromise the finish or the look of the components.  In addition, specialists will be able to properly disassemble your chandelier for cleaning and reassemble it once it’s dry.

♦ Because specialists can repair your chandelier.  While your chandelier is being disassembled for cleaning, professional cleaners will spot any potential problems, like loose fittings or frayed wires, that can be repaired on the spot.  They will also be able to replace broken or missing crystals and arms, change sockets and replace pins.  Your janitorial staff will not be able to repair your chandelier and they won’t be able to diagnose problems that could potentially be dangerous.

If you have one or more chandeliers in your place of business, you should have them cleaned by the best chandelier cleaner in NYC, Expert Lighting.  Call us at Expert Lighting at (646) 798-7700 to schedule a cleaning consultation and visit us online at to see a gallery of our completed projects.

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