Chandelier Cleaner In NYC: Spring Means Chandelier Cleaning Time

Chandelier Cleaner NYCSpring is finally here and that means that it’s time to throw open the curtains and pull up the shades to let the sunshine in to brighten your hotel, catering hall, banquet room or event venue.  Spring weather doesn’t just mean that a long, dreary winter is over, it means it’s time for spring cleaning and if you have a fabulous chandelier in your business, you know it’s time to get a great chandelier cleaner in NYC to give your fixture a thorough going over.  Why is it so important to get your chandelier cleaned?  All that sunshine coming in through your windows will hit your chandelier – if it’s dirty and dusty, the crystals won’t reflect the way they’re supposed to.

A great chandelier cleaner in NYC can fix that by carefully dismantling and hand-cleaning every crystal.  They’ll also clean and repair all of the metal elements of your chandelier.  Only by meticulous hand cleaning and attention to detail can you get professional results that make your fixture look as beautiful as it did when it was new.  Your expertly-cleaned chandelier will bring your business to life and will show your customers that you care about them.  And only an expertly-cleaned chandelier will go from season to season undamaged and unblemished by mishandling or overhandling that can happen if you ask your regular janitorial staff to do the cleaning.

Not only are chandeliers made up of multiple, delicate parts, many of them are antiques that require a level of expertise your in-house staff doesn’t have.  At Expert Lighting, we are the best chandelier cleaner in NYC and our staff of highly-trained technicians has many years of experience in cleaning every type of chandelier, including Swarovski, Baccarat, Schonbek, Waterford and Murano.  Our cleaning solution is environmentally-safe, doesn’t contain chemicals, won’t stain and won’t corrode metal light fixture parts.  In addition to handling your chandelier with care, we can also ensure that we reach your chandelier the right way.  We have the necessary equipment to reach chandeliers mounted at any height in your business.

If you’re excited by the spring weather and you’re anxious to let the sun highlight all the facets of your breathtaking chandelier, call us at Expert Lighting at (646) 798-7700.  You can also visit us online at to find out more about us and to see a gallery of our projects.  We are simply the best chandelier cleaner in NYC.

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