Chandelier Cleaner In NYC: Get The Right Care For Any Style Chandelier

Chandelier Cleaner NYCA chandelier can add drama and style to any room, but it it may be a delicate piece of lighting technology that requires the care of a professional chandelier cleaner in NYC.  For a variety of reasons, chandelier cleaning, renovation, moving and installation are normally best handled by a company that specializes in chandeliers.  

Each Chandelier Needs an Expert Chandelier Cleaner in NYC

Chandeliers can be extremely fragile, either by design or because of age, and they need to be handled with a deft, experienced hand.  In addition, there are a myriad of chandelier styles that not only require different methods of cleaning because of their different materials, but also require a technician knowledgeable in dismantling them for cleaning, moving or renovation.  These different styles of chandeliers include:

Tiered Chandeliers
These chandeliers are characterized by a series of layered, circular rows of light bulbs rising up around a central shaft.  The more rows of bulbs, the bigger the fixture.  Tiered chandeliers can be made to fit any style from traditional to rustic to modern.

Traditional Chandeliers
The hallmark of traditional chandeliers is ornate detailing, including the use of scrollwork, filigree and finer materials.  These types of chandeliers add a more formal touch to a room.

Crystal Chandeliers
Crystal chandeliers are the eye-catching, dramatic fixtures most of us think of when we hear the word ‘chandelier.’  Light from the fixture and ambient room and sunlight reflect off the crystals, creating an enchanting, romantic and even glamorous effect.  Crystal chandeliers can be made with draped or hanging strands of glass and must be dismantled by a professional chandelier cleaner in NYC for proper cleaning.

Rustic Chandeliers
This type of chandelier is more casual and is suited to a rustic room or decor.  Common design motifs for rustic chandeliers include animal horns, branches, plants and distressed materials.

Drum Chandeliers
Drum chandeliers are characterized by the use of many drum-shaped lampshades around each individual light bulb or by one large drum-shaped lampshade around the entire fixture.

Contemporary or Modern Chandeliers
Clean lines with no ornate details mark contemporary or modern chandeliers.  They are normally very sleek-looking and often feature futuristic designs.

No matter what type of home or business you have, if it is lit by a chandelier – no matter what style – the best thing you can do to ensure that it remains intact and that it continues to light your venue for many years to come is to work with a professional chandelier cleaner in NYC.  At Expert Lighting, we have many years of experience with, cleaning, moving, renovating and installing chandeliers and our technicians are trained to handle every type of chandelier.  Call us today at (646) 798-7700 to schedule a cleaning consultation and visit us online at to see a gallery of our completed projects.

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