Chandelier Installation Case Study

How Expert Lighting helped install an 9 ft x 7 ft Murano Chandelier that came with no installation instructions


The Challenge

The house management team of a Sarasota, FL residence contacted Expert lighting to install a custom Murano chandelier. The 9 ft x 7 ft, 600 lbs chandelier has over 200 pieces,all in pieces, and  came with no installation instructions. 

The family almost sent the chandelier back as no local chandelier service company could figure out how to install it.


The Solution

Expert Lighting sent our team of highly trained technicians to the residence to install the gigantic chandelier. The team had to first organize all the pieces in order to put together what was essentially a giant jigsaw puzzle. Section by section the team assembled the chandelier and after three days it was complete. 

The Result

The proud owners of the prestigious Murano chandelier are very happy with the result. Even without the instructions, the chandelier was successfully assembled and installed, and is now hanging proudly in the customers’ residence.


What The Client Said

We purchased an enormous custom Murano chandelier directly from a studio in Venice. It shipped in nearly 300 pieces and without any assembly instructions whatsoever—far beyond our electrician’s expertise. We spent nine months trying to figure out how to get this chandelier hung… until we found Expert Lighting! From the first phone call with Renee, I knew we were in the right hands. She assured me their team didn’t need any instructions and she was right. Nadav and Mario had the most positive attitudes of any team I’ve ever worked with, and went above and beyond to tackle every hurdle we encountered. In just two days our chandelier was hung, lit and looking beautiful, and we could not be happier with every aspect of service that we received from start to finish. Expert Lighting will be our go-to contact for cleanings and complex assemblies from now on, and we’re telling all our associates the same!

 Truly was a pleasure! Thanks, Renee. Look forward to working with you again 🙂