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chandelier cleaning Dallas TX


At Expert Lighting our installation process is efficient, top notch, reliable and safe. In addition, our staff is equipped to work at any height as well as within any structure.

chandelier cleaning Dallas TX


At Expert Lighting, we clean each crystal piece individually by hand. Our product is environmentally-safe and does not contain harmful chemicals.

chandelier cleaning Dallas TX


Expert Lighting professionals are able to repair any problems your chandelier might have. We will pick up your broken chandelier, repair it, then deliver and re-install it.

chandelier cleaning Dallas TX


At Expert Lighting we dismantle, pack, crate and move your chandelier hassle-free. Each piece is removed from its fittings, wrapped individually and securely packed.

Chandelier Installation and Chandelier Cleaning Dallas TX

Dallas is known for its glamour and lavish buildings. This beauty has been brought inside by installing elegantly lovely chandeliers. Chandeliers are one of the most luxurious lighting fixtures that can be found in any of these buildings from small homes to large mansions; small business establishments to opulent city places; big and small malls; mom and pop hotels to the largest hotel chains. This beauty needs to be installed safely, maintained and kept clean.

We install chandeliers as well as restore and do chandelier cleaning Dallas TX. These lighting fixtures create a feeling of beauty, warmth, grace and even wealth. They can fit into almost any room, big or small. Because of their versatility, and the way a chandelier seems to become the focal point in the room, they need to be kept in sterling condition. The best way to do that is to keep them clean, free of dirt, dust and grime by scheduled chandelier cleaning services by Expert Lighting.

Look to Expert Lighting for your entire Dallas chandelier restoration needs. From cleaning off the cobwebs of the chandeliers you already have, to expertly rewiring or installing new chandeliers in Dallas, Tx. Call us when you want to remove your old chandelier from its mounting on the ceiling, no matter if it is in your entryway, bedroom, foyer, or any other room, we are there to help you. We do them all. Baccarat, Mondavi, motorized hard-wired chandelier lifts, beaded, Swarovski, porcelain, crystal, antique or not, we can clean them, box them up carefully, and store them for you until you need them again.

When it’s time to re-hang your chandelier, we’ll take it out of storage, do all the new wiring needed and hang it back up where you want it. Expert Lighting’s professional Dallas chandelier cleaning and installation is your go to, one stop professional chandelier servicing company. Call Expert Lighting for all your chandelier restoration needs. You will be glad you did and so will your chandelier.

Commercial Chandelier Cleaning & Installation in Dallas,Texas

Dallas commercial establishment owners know that the general care of any chandelier includes proper ceiling mounting and installation, which includes wiring, pre-positioning of the fixture, and cleaning, to always keeping your chandelier free of dirt, grime, soot and dust so that your chandelier looks its brilliant and glowing best at all times.

Chandeliers can change the feel of a room. It’s necessary to keep those room changing, mood enhancing chandeliers clean. You need the expertise of the Expert Lighting’s professional cleaning and installation services in Dallas to keep chandeliers sparkling clean. All chandeliers, whether crystal, metal, wrought iron, porcelain, plastic or any other, need continual upkeep. Since chandeliers are such an important, and expensive, lighting expenditure, it’s really important to hire expert chandelier installers and cleaning service professionals. The businesses that already have chandeliers know the need to hire reliable and responsible chandelier service experts in Dallas. No one wants to put their Baccarat, Schonbeck, Murano, or Swarovski crystal chandelier in the hands of a novice.

We have the track record for excellent service and jobs well done, along with referral letters we are happy to supply you with. Expert Lighting has hundreds of happy clients in Plano, North Dallas, and Turtle creek, whom always oblige us if you’d like to check out one of our projects. You can do that with a personal phone call or a visit to the site, where Expert Lighting installed and dressed their commercial size and weight crystal chandelier in the Dallas metroplex. Look to Expert Lighting’s commercial chandelier installers for upgrades, maintenance, re-wiring and service contracts. Our efficient team will give you the service outcome that you demand and expect. In Dallas the team you need to cal  for all your commercial chandelier restoration needs is Expert Lighting.

Residential Chandelier Cleaning & Installation in Dallas, Texas

Any room in a residential home comes alive with the room drenching or muted radiance of a residential chandelier installed expertly by Expert Lighting. Cleaning and installation of residential chandeliers is needed all over the Dallas metroplex and we have answered this demand with our expert, professional, thorough and meticulous chandelier services in Dallas for well over 15 solid years. Any chandelier, be it a heavy crystal Baccarat, porcelain, metal, Swarovski or a lighter plastic or hollow metal chandelier, we clean each one like our own.

No matter what kind of chandelier installation needs, our professional Dallas staff is at your service. Moving? Our Dallas team at Expert Lighting residential chandelier pros will remove, clean, crate and store your chandelier. Our clients in Dallas demand a good job when it comes to keeping their chandeliers looking radiant and clean. No matter what kind of chandelier needs to be installed, our expert chandelier installers heed the call. Being residential cleaners as well, we have an expert team of highly skilled personnel who work on fixtures of different types, sizes and heights. We have the expertise to clean chandeliers in a thorough and meticulous manner. Our products are safe and do not cause any corrosion of metals. Dallas is a big market for our cleaning business because we offer unparalleled services to you the residential home owner.

We provide chandelier cleaning and installation in Dallas, Texas

When it comes to chandelier cleaning in the Dallas metroplex, we are your go to team of local pro chandelier cleaners. Our technicians are very experienced in working with delicate chandeliers and our clients can always expect the very best chandelier cleaning in Dallas. DIY store bought cleaners can corrode your chandelier and leave a dirt attracting static-charged film on the fixture. Don’t make this mistake. Call the experts at your Expert Lighting cleaning and installation professionals.

Expert Lighting in Dallas is your go-to service pros for all your installation needs from take down, re-wiring, re-hanging and also moving and storing your chandelier. We will take it down, clean it, pack it, crate it and store it until you need it again. Then we unpack, re-wire and re-hang your chandelier. We also re-wire old chandeliers. Expert Lighting chandelier cleaners and installers are a full service company with a proven track record for excellent and responsible chandelier cleaning and installation.

We service all of Dallas including: Allen, Plano, Frisco, Arlington, Irving, Garland and downtown Dallas