Chandelier installation Manhattan NY

Expert Lighting has over twenty years of experience and are the chandelier masters when it comes to  chandelier installation Manhattan NY and assembling chandeliers. Given our level of expertise, we have the ability to install  chandeliers of any size, type and height imaginable. Chandelier installation is tricky and needs to be done by experienced, trained individuals who have the know-how to safely install chandeliers.

Expert Lighting has vast knowledge with large, heavy, and custom made pieces as well as delicate chandeliers such as Swarovski, Schonbek, Baccarat, Waterford, and Murano Glass. We also work on alabaster, glass and all antique pieces. In addition, we sell and install Aladdin light lifts.  Check out our new page on the website to learn more! Our process is efficient, top notch, reliable and safe. Our chandelier installation is safe, and our technicians have the knowledge to handle all chandeliers. 


chandelier installation manhattan ny
chandelier installation Manhattan NY
chandelier installation Manhattan NY

Here is an example of a recent job.

This residential project in Calabasas, CA involved installing 22 chandeliers. The larger piece is 2500 lbs; a boat shape, measuring 12 feet high x 10 feet long x 8 feet in diameter. This particular chandelier took five days to complete. This included two custom chandeliers (see details below):


The first step was to unpack the frame safely to make sure all pieces were accounted for and in perfect condition.

chandelier installation Manhattan NY

Frame & Wiring

Then we built two 27-ft towers of scaffolds in order to construct the frame. We wired the chandelier to include 194 sockets.

chandelier installation Manhattan NY


The crew assembled over 12,000 pieces of Swarovski crystal with extreme attention to detail.

chandelier installation Manhattan NY


This beautiful chandelier was perfectly installed and secured on a  35-ft ceiling.

chandelier installation Manhattan NY