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Residential Customers Testimonials


This is a wonderful service that cleans all my crystal lighting fixtures to a sparkle.  They are courteous, reliable and efficient.  I would highly recommend them to all.


Over the past 2 years, I’ve had Expert Lighting restore, refinish, rewire and install numerous lighting fixtures in my house and their work is terrific! I highly recommend them to anyone who has a valuable (in monetary or sentimental value) fixture that they want to have installed, cleaned or repaired.

When we moved into our house two years ago, the team installed a huge chandelier in our entry hallway as well as newer “Maria Theresa” chandelier in our hallway.  The main chandelier was 4 foot wide by 4 foot tall and weighed a good 60-70 pounds. Our entry hallway had a 20 foot ceiling… so this was no easy task. However, the work was done in a methodical and professional manner and the end result was great.  Following that work, we subsequently inherited three antique pieces (from our grandparents generation) that had been sitting in boxes in various relatives basements for over twenty years. The fixtures were beautiful but needed a lot of work to be restored to their original grandeur. The Expert Lighting team, cleaned, restored, and rewired each piece (dining room chandelier, “Maria Theresa” chandelier and two matching wall sconces for the dining room) in a caring and professional manner. Missing crystals were ordered and replaced, broken pieces were repaired or replaced and older wiring was completely replaced and re strung. In addition, if we or the team didn’t have necessary parts on hand, they drove to the nearest hardware store to get the parts needed to complete the job on time. Finally, they advised us on where to hang the pieces, what height to hang them etc. so that the finished product looked terrific.

What impresses me most is that the team at Expert Lighting actually admires, appreciates and cares for the fixtures and pieces that they work on as if they were their own. There is a demonstrated sense of pride in their workmanship, which is a rarity today. I highly recommend Expert Lighting.


I would like to thank Renee at expert lighting and her staff for the professional service provided.  Renee was very helpful in setting up all the arrangements and the gentlemen who serviced my chandeliers were very knowledgeable.  They were very attentive and took extreme care in handling all the crystals.  The final results were sparkling!

Thank you for your attentive service and look forward to working with you again.



Excellent, fast service. Noticed a real difference after the cleaning.



Commercial Customers Testimonials

It has been a pleasure working with Expert lighting. I have had many experiences working with good and poor contractors in the past, but have only had the pleasure of working with a very select few contractors like yourselves. Many of the problems working with contractors is having faith in what they are doing and what they are supposed to do. In your case that has never been an issue. You have performed your definable feature of work without direction, little or no supervision in a timely professional manner. This is what separates your company from the rest (no babysitting). It is a very rewarding when a contractor like yourselves have an extreme amount of confidence doing a job that we all seem to be near impossible always with results and amazement. I look forward to our next job.”

Nick Sarvino
Project Manager for Bankcroft Hall at US Naval Academy
Donley Construction

“Expert lighting has been responsible for the maintenance of our chandeliers since the reopening of The Plaza Hotel. They have been an amazing and loyal partner, they are responsive, polite, efficient and work very clean and organized. I look forward to working with them for many more years to come!”

Jeroen Werdmölder
Director of Banquets
CPS Events at The Plaza
chandelier restoration manhattan ny

We were very pleased with the installation of our three massive Swarovski-trimmed chandeliers at Armstrong Auditorium. I can’t imagine a more complex project than hanging six tons of steel and crystal three stories high! We were obviously concerned about not only safety, but protecting our sizeable investment in these fixtures and the priceless candelabra once owned by the Shah of Iran. We chose Expert Lighting for their reputation for professionalism and their vast experience in handling large chandeliers. Nadav and his crew worked tirelessly to complete the project on time and within budget. I would not hesitate to recommend them for a project of any size.”

Shane Granger
Marketing Director
Armstrong International Cultural Foundation