Chandelier Installation in NYC: What You Need to Know

Chandelier Installation NYCWhen you are considering chandelier installation in NYC, there are a few key points to consider. Before buying, ask yourself the questions below to ensure that you get the perfect chandelier for your space:

  • How big is the chandelier, and what are the dimensions of the room? Compare the size of the room to the size of the chandelier. You don’t want the chandelier to be too large or too small.
  • What is your ceiling height? Make sure the chandelier will hang low enough to light effectively, but not so low that it could be a problem or hazard.
  • What is the style of your house? You want to make sure your lighting fits in with the decor and aesthetic of the rest of your home.
  • How many lights do I need? The number of chandeliers you need can change, based on whether you want soft or bright lighting.

Once you have the chandelier picked out, your next question is “Who will install the chandelier for me?” When determining who to hire, it’s a good idea to ask about the experience and knowledge the installer has. Have they installed this type of chandelier before? Is there anything out of the ordinary you as the client should be made aware of beforehand? A chandelier is delicate and should be handled safely and property by a qualified technician.

Chandelier Installation in NYC: The Process

The chandelier installation process in NYC has several steps. First, move any necessary furniture and cover the floors. Make sure there is plenty of space to work. Next, the equipment will need to assembled. If it’s a high ceiling or if some furniture cannot be moved, scaffolds will need to be properly erected and assembled. Next, the electric box will be checked to make sure it is working properly. Also, if the chandelier is heavy, the current electric box may not withstand the weight, so it will need to be reinforced. When buying a heavy piece, keep in mind that this could be the case and that the installer will need to cut into the ceiling. You may want to purchase a ceiling medallion to cover up the hole, if it’s necessary, or have a painter fix the ceiling afterward.

Once the box is set, the installer will start to assemble the frame and install the chandelier portion by portion. Lastly, the crystals or embellishments are added. Now you have a beautiful chandelier hanging in your home! When seeking professional chandelier installation in NYC for your home or business, call Expert Lighting at 646-798-7700 or visit

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