Chandelier Cleaning In NYC: The Schonbek Chandelier Tradition

Chandelier Cleaning NYCProfessionals who specialize in chandelier cleaning in NYC know that there are just a few premiere names in chandelier artisans who create fixtures that are both awe-inspiring in their beauty and intimidating in their complexity.  Among those names is Schonbek.  If you are lucky enough to have one or more Schonbek chandeliers in your place of business, then you understand why they require specialized care and handling to let their brilliance and artistry shine through.

The Beginning Of The Schonbek Legend

In 1870, Adolph Schonbek left his family’s glassworks in Bohemia to strike out on his own.  He founded A. Schonbek & Co. at the age of 24, specializing in the design and manufacturing of crystal chandeliers.  It wasn’t long before his stunning fixtures were recognized as works of art meant to decorate and illuminate homes and public places around the world.  In 1890, as Franz Joseph I of the Habsburg Court was awarding the company its iconic crest, Schonbek was delivering a 600-candle, 27-foot tall crystal chandelier to the Nizam of Hyderabad in India, solidifying A. Schonbek & Co.’s reputation as the foremost international manufacturer of custom crystal chandeliers.

Schonbek Today

For more than 140 years, each new generation of the Schonbek family has continued the tradition of excellence and ingenuity started by Adolph Schonbek with innovative designs that have earned them over 200 patents, including one for Arnold Schonbek’s revolutionary bow-tie connector for crystal trim.  Today, Schonbek is manufactured exclusively in Plattsburgh, New York.  In 2007, Schonbek became a member of the Swarovski Group and in 2010, the Schonbek Trilliane chandelier made its film debut in the thriller, “The Black Swan,” with six of their chandeliers lighting the stage for the movie’s climactic scenes.  In fact, Schonbek chandeliers can be found on many film sets, in luxury hotels and resorts, in restaurants and casinos, and in palaces and mansions around the globe.

Caring For Schonbek Chandeliers

Because Schonbek chandeliers are intricate and made up of hundreds of delicate parts, they require  the kind of chandelier cleaning in NYC that only a professional company with experienced and trained technicians can accomplish.  Each chandelier must be painstakingly dismantled with care taken to track each piece and where it attaches.  Once removed, each piece must then be cleaned with the right solution that produces a brilliant shine and eliminates or reduces the possibility of degrading the material.  After cleaning, the fixture must be reassembled and remounted if necessary.  In fact, the professionals who handle chandelier cleaning in NYC must be as skilled in their craft as the makers of the fixtures, and they must have an appreciation for their history and a passion for maintaining their brilliance and beauty.

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